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Tribal Tucker

Tribal Tucker

Developed in partnership with the Warumungu people of Rockhampton Downs and the Alyawarra people from Epenarra – both desert communities near Tennant Creek, Northern Territory.

  • Contains a 12 minute Video/DVD film plus comprehensive learning tasks
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  • Takes you on a wild ride of hunting, collecting and preparing local bush tucker in the scorching desert. Watch how elders teach children the ancient art of survival in the desert – with a modern twist!
  • Learn to hunt and track the big red kangaroo and spiny echidna …sample cooking game, bush style… harvest desert delicacies like witchetty grubs, bush coconuts… and more.

Excerpt of script “…These days most people live on the east coast of Australia, where shopping for a family meal is as simple as going to the local supermarket, but some remote Aboriginal communities in Australia retain their traditional lifestyles such as hunting, gathering, languages, kinship systems and spiritual connections to the land. These traditions have sustained Aboriginal people in Australia for thousands of years. Join us as we take a look at two Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory as they hit the trail in search of some tribal tucker…”

Price: $50.00

Postage and handling within Australia is $15.00 AUS. P&H to New Zealand is an additional $5.00 AUS.

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