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Teaching about Indigenous Culture – Aboriginal Studies

Sandtraks has a number of high quality Indigenous education products, ready for use in the classroom.

Our Indigenous educational packages take your students on an adventure to rarely experienced parts of Australia, to learn about the amazing cultures of the Indigenous communities who live there. Thousands of primary and secondary students have already increased their understanding of Indigenous Australia through these entertaining and informative resources. It’s an affordable way to bring the wisdom and humour of Indigenous Australia into your classroom. Each resource package includes a DVD film, filmed on location in Indigenous communities, and a CD rom of teaching activities.


The entertaining and information-packed DVDs show how traditions stretching back over 50,000 years are passed from elder to child and adapted to the modern world. The high quality, unique footage is filmed through the eyes of children – so it speaks to children and the child in all of us.

The professionally developed Teachers Learning Resource which accompanies each film has creative, flexible learning tasks, specifically designed to complement the DVD film. The tasks have been developed by education officers, with outcomes and links to syllabus documents for Kindergarten to Year 10 students. The packages are designed for use across a wide range of curriculum areas including society and culture, English, Aboriginal studies, science, food technology, and creative arts. The activities can be used to respond to specific elements of the film or clustered to develop rich learning tasks.

The tasks have been designed as open-ended to allow teachers the flexibility to cater for a range of learning needs. They are based on the ‘before, during and after’ framework – an adaptation of the ERICA (Effective Reading in the Content Area) reading framework (Morris and Stewart-Dore, 1984). This framework supports teachers to help students to prepare for tasks; think through and organise their ideas; and demonstrate their understanding of the task.

Specifically our packages can be used to:

  • Expose non-Indigenous children to positive information about Indigenous people and their culture, featuring children of their own age
  • Assist teachers in mainstream schools to satisfy Indigenous culture teaching requirements using a high-quality educational resource
  • Aid the preservation of language and culture (within and across different communities)
  • Engage Indigenous children to maximise mainstream learning outcomes and
  • Assist teachers who may have limited Indigenous-specific training to teach in a culturally appropriate way

Education Departments, teachers and students across Australia have praised our work:

“…it’s amazing how Aboriginal people can live off the land. That would be really hard.”

– Student (11 years)

“…As a teacher, I must say it is virtually impossible to get ones hands on Indigenous teaching resources (in schools) that are ‘contemporary’, visually appealing and co-created with Indigenous people! I am really impressed.”

– Teacher (name supplied)

“Ideal for non-Indigenous students trying to understand a little of the very complex but rich nature of Indigenous culture”

– Principal, Epenarra School, Northern Territory

“…a very useful resource”

– NSW Department of Education and Training

Awarded the HIGHEST RATING by the Education Queensland resource review process

– Education Queensland

“Refreshing and rewarding…programs such as yours ensure that custom and culture are promoted… viewers will appreciate and benefit from the chance to view the practices of a traditional lifestyle”

– Chris Hyndes, Former Executive Producer, ATSIC TV

“..the quality is first class”

– Hon Amanda Vanstone, Former Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs

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Educational Indigenous Culture DVD's

Sandtraks works with Indigenous communities to promote understanding, respect and pride.