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Freelance Services

Sandtraks is available on an individual contract basis for film production and resource development. We provide a value-for-money service and team up with expert film-makers, script writers, educators and other professionals to ensure our products are always professional and culturally appropriate.

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Whatever your project, our talented staff have the skills to make it happen. Our unique experience ensures we give a creative and original edge to all topics – dynamic camera angles, rousing music, humour, entertaining and intelligent scripts and snappy editing are just some of the techniques we use to keep your audience engaged.

We combine high quality film-making with hands-on training, and our team has worked successfully with schools and remote communities across Australia.

We have a proven track record of producing quality products while working collaboratively with Indigenous communities.

Let us work with you to develop your idea!

We offer:

  • culturally appropriate film-making in Indigenous communities
  • advanced video skills development training, for students and community members
  • partnering to create entertaining and informative educational resources

Typical projects include:

  • Induction/training production on local Indigenous culture; for teachers and community development workers new to remote areas
  • Showcasing videos of community development programs funded by mines and other companies
  • Promotional film for Indigenous dance/arts programs

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Educational Indigenous Culture DVD's

Sandtraks works with Indigenous communities to promote understanding, respect and pride.