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Sandtraks founder George Fallon“I started out as a young self-funded cinematographer with the dream of making a difference.
 My interest in photography and cinematography began when I was just a kid. I trained in news and current affairs but just couldn’t wait to get out there and explore remote Australia through my camera lens.

While traveling extensively I developed a close connection with many Aboriginal families. I soon got hooked on the beauty and ‘realness’ of the Indigenous way of life.

Like many Australians I got really frustrated with all the negative stereotypes of Aboriginal people in the media. They’re down right damaging, they’re limited and they miss everything that’s amazing and inspiring about this diverse culture.

That’s why I started Sandtraks. To use the art of film to help people see, feel, experience, understand, respect and hopefully cherish the Indigenous heritage of Australia”

George Fallon

Educational Indigenous Culture DVD's

Sandtraks works with Indigenous communities to promote understanding, respect and pride.