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About Us

Here at Sandtraks we work to promote understanding, respect and pride in the unique culture of our Indigenous people.


Community Partnerships

We think that a quality product is only half the story. To achieve our vision, it must be a shared vision – that’s why we only work in close partnership with Indigenous communities. So we don’t just film people – we film communities that have embraced our films as a way of preserving and celebrating their culture.

Putting our money where our mouth is

Featured communities also benefit from the sale of Sandtraks education packages. For example SANDTRAKS funds are donated for resources requested by the community; or services are provided by SANDTRAKS for specific projects. Also we offer to provide video training to the kids we film so skills are developed and young Indigenous people can document their own stories.

Rules for respectful filming

We consult extensively with community elders at all stages of production and post-production. We only enter communities upon invitation from elders, and we respectfully seek permission to film every person, place and event. 
We spend time in each community before filming to develop a personal relationship with locals and we maintain this relationship after we’ve left. We know we’re on the right track when the experience is positive and empowering for everyone.

Getting the right people on board

We team up with quality educators and other professionals to ensure you get the right expertise all in one place.

We work with a team that includes Aboriginal teachers and education officers to ensure we produce culturally appropriate and accurate material. Indigenous artists, presenters, actors and technical specialists also work with us to co-develop our products.


Educational Indigenous Culture DVD's

Sandtraks works with Indigenous communities to promote understanding, respect and pride.