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Sandtraks’ education packages allow you to learn by experiencing the excitement in your own wild classroom! Have you ever felt the earth shake as painted dancers stomp ancient rhythms? … healed injuries with bush medicine? … built a didgeridoo from scratch? … hunted down a kangaroo in the desert? … wrestled wild buffalo to the ground by hand alone? … made fire the traditional way?

golden warrior

Our education packages are already being used in over 1000 Australian schools, and are now available in international format for students across the world. Our action-packed films are professionally shot and produced. Our teaching notes are developed by experienced education officers. No wonder that our products are endorsed by education departments and community elders.

Each package delivers a complete learning experience and contains both a Video and a downloadable file with comprehensive teaching notes. Our products are developed in partnership with the local community. This gives the additional benefit of involving Elders, young people and their community in development and production, leading to skills development and increased community pride and self-esteem. We are happy to work with you to develop your own film or training project.

Our resources are a vital step in helping to preserve Australia’s cultural heritage. By allowing students and their teachers to explore Indigenous lives and stories, they can develop a greater understanding and respect for the culture and traditions of Indigenous people.

Sandtraks provides schools and other organisations with much needed quality, up-to-date resources for teaching an Indigenous perspective. Our products give young Australians a chance to learn about Indigenous culture in a fun and relevant way. Sandtraks enables both urban and rural children to access resources that are positive and culturally relevant.

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Educational Indigenous Culture DVD's

Sandtraks works with Indigenous communities to promote understanding, respect and pride.